Why my design is rejected and I get same message that you are not qualified right now...

I have be trying to uploading logo design and Mock Up that I have created. And ever time I upload the design it says this every time…

Please help me with the problem. And this is the Preview file that I have uploaded

hi i am not an expert for this , but it seems to me that u have a bit of an issue of realism when it comes to leaves, that maybe the shadows could slightly be improved or perfected and that the choice of the background is not super aesthetic in my view and not really harmonious with elements that u display out there indeed. Finally it seems to me that maybe u have a matter of coherence in the item and the preview as u have very corporate a brand being displayed out there but the bottom line is that the style of the scene is really not evoking this type of environment …

I just want to be clear what the item actually is. Is it actually the entire mockup with the table, watch, plants, etc.? Or is it the design on mockups (business cards, CD, stickers, etc.)? Either way it needs to be more clear.

I’m just making sure because I know not everyone here understands English perfectly, so there could be some mistakes on that front, plus I’ve even had a situation where I bought what I thought was a mockup, but was actually the branding within the mockup, despite the title and preview leading me to believe it was the mockup.

Regardless, neither are quite there yet. I agree with what n2n44 said about the two themes not fitting well together, and it’s overall not very aesthetically pleasing. In terms of realism, it actually looks like those elements were photographed on that same background, so they fit in the environment, however, the shadows and lighting don’t seem right. It looks like you used two light sources, but those are generating some harsh shadows in the smaller objects, and making the shadow direction inconsistent. You should also have a fill light coming from above to make the shadows softer, which would likely also require a large diffuser, which you could just use a large white bedsheet covering the light.

I understand why you would want to add the green plants ( to add some contrast colour), but it doesn’t work in this case. I would use some yellow/orange plants, or even some succulents. Stay away from things that are too stark in contrast, the main focus is the branding, but the green plants draw way too much attention. The red background gives me desert vibes, so I think it’d be cool to go along with that theme, and make sure the branding example actually fits better with the theme.

Also include some images showing blank branding items or some other different branding, to show that it’s actually customisable.

If you’re actually trying to sell the branding, then disregard most of that (but use a better mockup). The branding package is way too simple and has no real value. Besides some text, all the customer is getting is a gray line with a red spot. You need to offer more than that, such as interesting shapes, patterns, icons, etc.

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Thanks you for sharing your thoughts…It will help me allot and

Hi XioxGraphix

Its and Image with Mock top generated on it…so technically you cannot move the business card or letterhead…
I hope that’s ok to sell ??? or Do I have to keep it separate ???