Why my design are rejected for quality standard required?

Plesse help

hi, i see a variety of reasons for the card to be rejected. Let’s get started
1- global style
indeed, sorry to say just this but there is not much graphic design in here … i highly recommend that u push the envelope graphic design wise so that u can gain as far as raising interest goes for both the reviewer and potential buyers afterwards. BTW, pls check the next point for complementary info related to style and its consequences
2- low commercial potential
as such, with limited originality , not much gra[hic design in the item and so on, the bottom line is that the commercial potential of the item is far from being huge, especially as this is possible to find some free template in such style in the internet. Besides, what is making a design attractive to buyers most importantly ? the fact of having either the feeling to be able to save time out of of buying or that the purchase will help to offer a graphic design ability beyond what the buyer can possibly do … in both cases, this is hard to believe here. So why buying when u cannot save significant time and redo on your own without so much effort? and why would the reviewer accept an item with an identified low commercial potential?
3- spacing
i am not sure i am right about it because this maybe a visual effect linked to the mockup indeed, but from where i sit, it seems that the spacing between the photo vignette , the divider and the block of text is not the same, which is a problem
visually speaking …
4- alignment
one thing if for sure though, this is that the alignment of the content in the card is not done properly in the information side, the different block should be aligned vertically in the white surface, this looks misbalanced as such! pls keep in mind that alignment is not a small deal as this is a basic design principle and thus should not be messed with. I guess that this is not superfluous to remind u off the nature of such a business card template … this is a corporate item and this should be treated accordingly, that is to say , with a lot of discipline and rigor when it comes to organizing elements
5- ridiculous name
i know that maybe looking like sort of a sideway issue, though , giving a guy such a ridiculous name here can alone mean rejection if u ask me, especially as regard to the connotation vehiculated by it … i personally already had a summer flyer soft rejected several times and was asked to change the model as many times as it were soft rejected because i was using a model wearing a bikini, so needless to say that such a name is a don’t here and that there is no way u can go through with a name like this being written in the card …)
6- logo
pls invest some time to create a decent professional looking logo that will rather take your game to the next level rather than just contributing to flattent the whole design indeed …
7- coherence
not sure that displaying a hilarious guy in the thumbnail is the best choice for the card to look credible, as regard to what i mentioned above, in other words , that this item is a corporate one and likely to address professionals expecting to exchange with other professionals or with customers …
8- lack of identify
the marketplace has changed gamely over the years and nowadays bringing too generic things is more likely to have your item buried alive rather than hitting a larger audience. Nowadays hitting niches it what is required and to do so , your targeted purchasing base must understand that u address to them …
9- emptiness
i am always wandering if this is really worth the drive trying to provide a buyer with such a card where one of both sides is so very empty like this … one-sided card would make more sense in my view , not to mention that u do not even make the most of the space to give a lot of space to the logo in the end …