Why my Corona Theme has been rejected?

Please tell me why my Corona Theme isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and why we won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Demo URL:- [Corona-Theme – Just another WordPress site]

It’s be better if you could share the demo URL so we can check the it first.

Demo URL :- https://technologymindz.com/wpthemes/corona/

I don’t know why the reviewer rejected it. Maybe check your html page with the w3 validator and fix the errors. That’s why I can’t say it was rejected, you can try it.



Your theme has a really good design.

Here is what I noticed:

  1. avoid inline styles, because reviewers don’t like that
  2. avoid the comments of the codes that you made as I can notice it on this comment ( ), there are several
  3. do a html and css code validation with the site https://validator.w3.org/
  4. make also a validation of your javascript files, you can use Best Online JavaScript Validator, don’t forget that you have to use the syntax (“use strict”:wink:
  5. you must also see if the name of your theme does not cause problem, because if it is to send false information, it will not validate them, so you should do something that could be useful for the public and that are trendy

Did they reject your theme categorically?

Beside the spacing/typo issues, the theme/template doesn’t bring anything new as there’re quite a lot of similar theme at the marketplace already ( I can manage the same design with Avada easily, for example )

I suggest to find a better design approach. You won’t get approval with this design even though you fix the W3 Validation issues