Why my content are being rejected every time

Hello everyone, I am just new here, I am a brand identity designer, expert logo designer, and I had upload 4 design for 4 numbers of time. But each time I got reject when I have 100% in my design.

I do no they why they are rejecting my design every time by just saying that my design doesn’t fulfil the quality guideline. But as an expert logo designer, I had ensured that all of these design included with 100%.

Anybody, please help me if you have the answer to my questions? And How can I get my design’s approval?

Thank you for your valuable time.

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Please upload your image demo (format .jpg) because we can help you thank you.

I have uploaded preview images

I have uploaded the preview image

I’m not a logo designer and someone like @n2n44 or @XioxGraphix might be able to provide a more technical insight, but to me it feels a bit basic/simple


I think it looks alright, but I agree with Charlie, it is too simple. If you look up shop logos on GraphicRiver, you can see that all the ones that are similar to yours are a bit more complex.

I don’t know about the other logos you mentioned, but I feel fairly certain that this one was rejected due to over simplicity.


I think that already have in other item graphicriver [link removed] and [link removed] but you need unique design logo will approved graphicriver.


hi this is harmonious and tasteful if u ask me, though, honestly , i cannot see how they could possibly accept your item in such a saturated market and very harsh category … since the item, let’s talk the ugly the truth has close no commercial potential at all … The fact of the mater is that people will be likely not to be willing to pay something that will not make them save time indeed. The thing is that , for anyone who knows how to use illustrator tool, this is not only easy but also quite quick to redo the thing. Thus, people will opt for redoing and save money rather than buying. In addition, if u ask me, the names are too long and this is destroying somewhat the preview … the illustration and the texts are also not in the right proportions, also due to the fact that the name is too long. Typo wise, the logo is clean but also quite flat so to speak , and judging by how high expectations turn out to be in GR in a general way , no matter where u are posting , this is crystal clear that ui have very little chance to have the logo approved … i suggest u to try to bring a bit more variations, font combinations and touches of originality to the table, typo wise

If you hadn’t told us twice that you were an “expert” I did’t know that The Double Expert is real!
Stop titling yourself as “expert” or “professional” until you have something extraordinary to show. I saw your portfolio on Dribbble and you are a very beginner and your work is below average. If you want to get approved here in logo category you need allot more. This is the ugly truth.

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