Why my business card was rejected,please tell me

hi there is a collection of reasons for the card not to be accepted in my view

1- logo
not sure u are aware of this but u are using pinterest logo lol i am not sure that they will necessarily like it lol but in any case, u do not have rights to use it in your template , this is for sure lol besides the proportion between the text part and the illustration in the logo is not the proper one …

2- global style
well this is a very common style that u have here … in terms of disposition, colors, and so on … u need to introduce some original things and break the deja vu feeling that this card is definitely inspiring

3- execution
the waves are not properly executed and this is having a very bad impact on your whole item , on the way it looks

4- sense / logics
this is hard to understand what is the logics indeed … in one side u triangles and on the other ones some curves / waves … this is breaking the harmony of the card both technically and visually speaking

5- emptiness
the logo side is really pretty empty … there is basically almost nothing out there …

6- hierarchy of information and variations
this is having very little sense to have the first name more emphasized than the last name

7- information
this is put in the sideway and given almost no space , when this is the real deal … information should at least be seen, be readable, if not prevailing, they should not look like really secondary elements …

8- icons
they are too basic and too flat in a context where u do not have so much graphic design otherwise …

9- typo
this is clean but just clean … this is lacking originality too, especially in a very saturated market indeed