Why my business card was rejeccted?

My uploaded Business Card item got hard reject. it says that “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” Can you give me your suggestion and feedback? Please give me your feedback?.

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I think the problems are as follows:

  1. Simple design
  2. Combination of color
  3. There are problems in typography

Thank you and have a nice day!


Thanks Hellhat but let me disagree with you design and colors are balanced, typography is normal as for me

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Maybe it’s subjective, but I don’t like the black and yellow palette. Perhaps you are just learning and it is absolutely normal that your perception of color is temporarily different, this may also be due to a little experience or knowledge of color theory.

I just think that this combination is old-fashioned and does not fit into the new design trends. Although maybe you will create something amazing with this palette :full_moon_with_face:

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With respect, in such a crowded and competitive category this design will struggle.

  • The design generally feels a bit simple, rushed and lacking attention to detail/premium quality

  • Having the logo/strap line on both front and back is over-kill and unnecessary

  • Colour combination is not great (offering multiple layouts/colours/options would add significant value to the item too)

  • Personally (I am not a reviewer) I don’t think the front illustration or the demo logo (two arcs) helps the design

  • The typography is again quite bland and lacks hierarchy

  • The spacing and layout could be improved esp. spacing and margins


Well, how do you like this design as for me it is worthy

Good, but I sent 4 different color combinations: black-blue, black-green, black-violet

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I think this one is better, but still unlikely to be approved

  • I cannot stress how tough this category is and the necessary standard and execution

  • The front elements don’t align and that demo logo still looks lost, not to mention spaced too far from the name

  • The spacing on the back among contact info looks better but the typography still feels a bit harsh

I’m sure more established design authors like @XioxGraphix and @n2n44 will be able to offer further insight


Thank you very much for your attention and for your time.

hi u have multiple issues to fix

card 1 and 2

1- positioning of the logo in the logo side, this should be central, u are taking away the impact of it trying to place it on the side way … not to mention that u create a general misbalance
2- logo side is too empty or too flat , it would take u to push the envelope graphic design wise to take your game to the next level, not to mention that this is hard to determine what the background is all about …
3- contrast issue, indeed, u have several elements or text not popping out enough or even being hard to read
information side
4- execution problem > the shape in the right seems uneven and not professional enough for that matter
5- hierarchy problem, the function seems to be sort of a secondary information when this is not
6- typo a bit flat , lack of variations and combinations

card 3
this is original but u have coherence issues , why changing the way things are organized from one side to the other? plus u have disposition issues the logo is misplaced completely and looks dismantled , which is ruining your preview . The typo is flat and not having original touches and the hierarchy is globally not strong enough.U should start from information side to rework the logo side , try to introduce a url for the website , these sort of things


You have no clear concept. Ask yourself first. For which business type your card will work?


this maybe having pros and cons to have or not have … but in this case , not sure this will be an advantage indeed

Thank you very much for your feedback and for your time spent, but please let me challenge the topic with typography since I bought two cards and compared typography with them I can say that the cards I bought with the design are behind mine and the typography is no different and I agree with you very much about the logo plain

Thank you, but please let me challenge these first two cards later on the rose and may well be suitable for flower shops. And looking at the new collections of cards, they also have no definite business type.

Please tell me which business is suitable. This is a card taken from newly accepted cards. And I can argue with the design that it’s not unique

I’m thinking your card is highly dependent on logo.
https://jasonjun-envato.github.io/envato-design-resources/ - Imagine that I put this logo. Probably it will break whole card

Thank you very much. I completely agree with you on the logo.

yes so what ? i recommend things , u are free to follow or not … what i can tell u is that typo is most of the time disregarded here but this is a huge mistake as probably one of the main focuses here … in addition, when, u put two on two together , originality is highly recommended and for a business card the typo is not a secondary issues as this is not the type of product that is the most elaborated one in terms of graphic design (also due to the format / size)
let me also tell u that , as such, your example is not proving anything … when did the thing get approved? if this is 2 or 3 years ago , let me tell u that standards have greatly evolved ever since as the market has started to saturate much much more …
now u do as u wish … if u do not want to change anything , u can still do … i just used my understanding of the market, my personal experience as a designer in an agency to tell u what u should do in my view to take your game to the next level , u are free to do whatever u want out of it … nothing is even an option if this is the way u feel it …

If you want a business card for a flower shop this is the direction you should aim for. Your card should communicate the business clearly and all elements from typography, graphics to logo needs to be feminine related. Also your card needs to be in trend.

Check this for your card logo inspiration

And this for some trendy floral business card example

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As we all know not all accepted items are exceptional and trendy items. If your goal here is just to get approved and you can continue to create all of these non concept items and finally one of them will pass. And then what? From my experience all these bellow average items will sell few times / year if you are lucky. The hard part here on GR here is to create something that have potential to go trendy and sell. I always aim to be on trend with my items (I achieved this several times) this is hard part here not just to get approved.

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Hi everyone
Let me tell you something AveMall, your business card with the flower background, remove that flower alight the logo at the center point, add clean white stroke like a border arrond the business card and for the back of the business card align the logo at the right side and move the contacts details at the left. Make sure to setup the margi and bleeds on your template correctly.