Why My Business Card Templates is rejected?

Why My Business Card Templates is rejected?01_Preview Image 1


The font is too tight, I’m not a fan of these. Mockup shows business cards on a metal surface with water drips, I think this is not suitable for Internet topics. The QR code doesn’t look good in this place. Dirty shadows. Hackneyed topic with digitizing the earth, although this is my opinion.

Sincerely and have a nice day!

hi there is undoubtedly an effort in terms of originality but the problem that u messed it a lot by ringing something extremely crammed to the table , since, at this stage there is no breathing at all . Otherwise some things are hard to understand , like the red line going way farther the information or the black bullet …the sort of grey background with no melted picture in the information side a few things like this. The fake logo is simply messing your preview, just opt to create a decent one that looks professional and values your item rather than ruining it … finally the typo is not reaching the standard, this is not really coherent as not looking super good and not really matching the style of the rest either …

the qr code most importantly is not positioned in a logical way indeed lol he should consider the z-shape reading process …

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Ok, thanks Sir

Thanks for your opinion Sir

LOL pls do not call me sir i feel like u are addressing my father lol pls call me Nico, thanks

Good, sir! :pleading_face:

LOOOOOOOOOL oh my of all u guys are killing me with the old style super polite formulations lol

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We decided to play knights in this topic, apparently you were not aware, sir. Well, I’m not aiming my "sir rifle"at you. I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold :sweat_smile:

so u should both call yourself “my lord” instead lol

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