why my business card template didnt approve

hi everyone. I am new in graphicriver . I uploaded 3 templates and none them approved
but I didn’t get rejection what should I do

You need to share preview images here if you want feedback

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Hi @marufhossainhridoy,
You have to wait more than 5 days to get any approval/disapproval notification. It might be needed 7/8 day which I experienced.
Because, Envato gets too many proposal in a day. So, nothing to worry about.
Again, you must check your mail inbox first. They will sent you every approval/disapproval notification to your E-mail.

hi waiting / queuing time depends on the category where u are posting but in mist of cases in GR this is at least a week as of late so no need to worry , needless to rush also as sales are far from skyrocketing at this time lol

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