Why my business card design first

Hi experts,
This is my first business card design which got rejected . please guide me to upload successfully my first upload.

Your business card is to simple and selling potential is low.

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and what about this one…

I have purchase this one. and used same files for initial template.

It is a request to guide me to upload a successful first product!

LOL… This sounds like you need someone to work for you in order get approved and sell. On this forum you can ask for opinions, tips, advices. I don’t think there is someone here to guide you step by step. What you will work and upload it is up to you. For learning I recommended to take some design classes.

That was uploaded in 2014 when the Business card category was not overcrowded like nowadays. Currently you need to create something unique to get approved in Business card category.

The industry has changed quite a lot in the last few years. It seems that more and more people are trying to sell design assets online, which has oversaturated the market by a huge margin. Nowadays you can even find lots simple business card design templates for free.

The design asset marketplace industry is becoming increasingly difficult to be successful in, similar to the tech industry, the most successful are the one’s who do it first, otherwise you really need to do someone outstanding to have any chance.

My advice would be to closely follow trends, continue to design more and more, not necessarily to sell your work, but to learn. Eventually you’ll learn enough to be inventive, rather than following the standard.

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Thanks for your time fellows! I really appreciate for your replies. i consider them as a solution. Be happy


i think that @waqas1mustafa definitely needs to focus much much more on originality as u mentioned , and rightfully so that , as , once again as u told him, the saturation basically means that a lot of things have been made in a lot of styles, though i tend to believe that he also has a problem as regard to commercial potential, since, when u except the logo, graphic design is sort of lacking otherwise and his card can be redone by any guy knowing photoshop tools in a few minutes, so basically i tend to believe that even if it had been accepted, well there was very little chance that he could sell anything anyways … in addition , the card is not even absolutely perfect as there are some small issues when it comes to hierarchy and contrast , too , so bsalicaly when putting two on two together the item could simply not make it …