Why My App rejected Every-time.

Hello everyone,

We have uploaded - Youtubers Application For Android. (Android Application for YouTube Channel) - application in codecanyon and its rejected every-time.

I think we are missing something here, please check our html we have almost all the things, code is clean material design and everything is seems perfect but don’t know why they rejected every-time.

please check our presentation - > http://utubersapp.com/
this is our demo application -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.youtubeapp

can any one please help me to solve this, I am struggling with this item to be approved.

any help will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

I can’t understand, what is shown in the link.

1st link is our marketing template and 2nd is demo app,

Application is rejected by codecanyon says quality is not appropriate, so i asked question here what’s wrong.

Well… your app is the YouTube Mobile page… added in a frame… I can do that by adding www.youtube.com to my homepage on Android… I see no reason to pay a fee or consider an app like this premium. The Key Features you describe, are the Key Features of YouTube, not your app.

Of course. People shouldn’t have to pay for a bookmarked version of a site. How is your app better than the native YouTube app?

I’d personally forget this project ever happened and try to build something that doesn’t borrow 99.9% of features and interface from a major pre-existing app.

I am really sorry to tell you that, but you have not even downloaded the app from the test link and telling this all.

But this is completely native android app its not a webview designed with youtube v3 api and material design controls, and let me tell you this app is not youtuber web page or mobile website directly load on webview.

I request to you please download demo app from play store link.

And then take decisions.


Keep the ui and looks same, because people more habitual with this ui of YouTube.

Also, this is not bookmarked web page , integrated notification , subscribe button , like feedback and all features never there in youtube web page, please check what you are writing before just fire up on anything, comments like this lead question on wrong direction and other will also not respond appropriately.

I suggest you to open webview and also open my demo app from store link and then compare it.

If you are getting truble to find a link, please check here.

Lolz this is not a webview or web page of YouTube loaded inside webview or bookmark page or fram load on HTML please, open your eyes and compare it, i can even show you my code and proof of that.

I guess you did not check my tutorial video also there i have showed entire code and mentioned how to change stuff.

Please check that too, if you want link here it is,

Downloaded. On a few devices. Doesn’t work on any. Fails to open, so I checked your screenshots. Probably another reason why it got rejected. If the latest Note 8 and S8 can’t open your app, well, that’s a problem right there.

Why does it look like YouTube then? That’s not inspiring, that’s copying.

So I can copy iOS and sell it on Envato, based on the fact that people are accustomed to it? Plus, based on their Terms and Conditions, this is not even allowed without prior consent.

Well, I’m sorry for giving you my opinion. It’s not going to happen again. Considering you’re already rejected, it’s clear that you don’t take likely to critique.

Already did.

Yeap, being a Moderator I know how to scroll through a forum and find the links in your initial post.

Don’t need to see anything. The designs look nearly identical.

I’m not going to reply to this anymore, as apparently, constructive criticism is not what you need, you need approval, and that only happens via constructive criticism. A reviewer rejected your item apparently numerous times, and when the obvious is stated, you take it personally, and not as a learning curve.

I wouldn’t expect feedback from other authors in this case, since it’s absolutely obvious why this item is rejected.

Good luck with your product.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

Okay thanks for that, but this is completely native product not the hybrid or webview app.