Why my AE project was rejected?


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In my opnion, the digital world is ok. But from my point of view, text font is not the right choice, text always appears the same repetitive way. Even when camera is moving slowly, all shots look too still. And final blur of the world is too much blurred, with less blur, text can be read aswell.
Anyway, just my opinion, hope it helps.
Good Luck! :+1:

yes, tittle

OK, really thank you

These are changes i will do if I were you Before uploading project.

  1. Typography must be strong for this kind of projects. Use fixed width or sanseriff fonts to achieve good results.

2.besides i like the HUD animation around title but felt color of titles not going good with it.

  1. You just put them as a still over 3d movement. Its not bad sometimes bit i think you need to work on that too

really thank for your recommend!thank you!

Hi, sorry for the rejections. You can get the idea from the authors ’previous answers. I agreed with them. I would also like to give an idea for this. You can use optical flares for this. You can reveal the title with lens flares. Because the flares is fit your background. Then you can get a higher rating.
I hope it helps you.
all the best!

OK, thank for your recommend!thank you!