Why my account rejected?

I say true that 3 years I has account old but I closed it because I not remember my password of account sorry. My new account JeriThemes I use as always one account.


@charlie4282 Do I can speak with support can remove my old account? Please help me thanks.

Guys: Please not anny neither mock thanks.

u don’t get it Jeri, i guess that what many people are trying to do is to make u realize what u have to do in order to improve your skills and items , then u have to be opened minded enough to accept it and most importantly again, u have to dedicate to try to start doing what people tell u to do for your own good … i used to mention already that u need to rework the things that u have created to take them to the next level, in the end , u always come up with the same things , the same mistakes and so on. In addition, the last time u had been saying basically that the rejection was unfair, when, let’s face it, at this stage , with such a saturated market and the necessity for more rejections, your item was just legitimately rejected …

instead of trying to kind of consider that the decision was not fair, u need to make extra efforts to both learn english and more things and techniques design wise , this is how u can get forward not , not out of fighting sone thing that turn out to be normal decisions …

try to make the most of people’s experience and try to follow what they say and believe me , everything that u create will be far better shortly … if u do not believe try to see how @arnabkumar has taken his skills way upper after a rather short while and u will also be able to do just this


hi n2n44, I already submit your email I wait your reply regards. :slight_smile:

my reply depends on u , i am always ready to help, however , what i do not like is what some people do sometimes, that is to say making us try to help , spend some time to help and explain and pay no attention about what is being said so that they finally end up doing the same things over and over again …


@n2n44: Problem not understand very good your english but your explain too large message, Sorry.

I think that your are angry wth me :frowning: