Why my account rejected?

Hi to all:

I think that my account is rejected because all my flyers are good designs :frowning: please help me solution? regards.

Don’t worry JeriThemes I’ll help you!

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do you have skype? I need you help me :slight_smile: but I hope that solution my account :slight_smile:

Please add me my skype is JeriThemes for help me solution it :slight_smile:

NOTHING HELP ME :frowning:

Show some work?

It’s rejected I not can work more flyer or I closed my account make new account, do I need submit support ticket?

First, use accurate title, I was confused and checked your profile, why “account rejected”.
Second rejections are part of life, even sometime a girl reject us due to face look, so we do plastic surgery :blush: .
This is not the solution, try again with something better or just sit and watch "What is the right demand of market.

Deleting/Creating account type actions never work.

Being rejected has nothing to do with your account and opening a new one will not make any difference.

In actual fact unless you use new details, email and IP address then it might even be treated as suspect.

You’re clearly committed to getting stuff approved but jumping from marketplace to marketplace and file to file every few days is not doing you any favours.

Aside from anything else by moving from one to another again and again you are preventing the opportunity to learn and fine-tune your skills which will mean it will just keep happening.

You need to decide what file format you are trying to create and stick with it. Even the best authors on here cannot jump between multiple options and create files in a matter of a few days.


I say true that I want work in Envato but I can solution my same account? I’m worry for rejected my flyers are good designs. do I can work in themeforest or other for accepted my sell?

It don’t matter what acocunt you are using - if the files are good enough then they will be accepted.

it’s possible that uploading multiple files one after another in quick succession and all being rejected (for quality not the account) may not be helping your case as it suggests a lack of commitment and indecision BUT this does not change the fact that if the file is good enough then it will be accepted.

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Many Thanks :slight_smile: I make more flyers multiples for accepted? I not understand very good your english because I not speak english

Then start with the first step.

  1. Learn english ( a basic level is enough )
  2. Start focus on ONE marketplace at the time.
  3. Success will follow.

Thankssss :slight_smile: but I can upload more flyer or not? or now I start course english?

@charlie4282 Do I can follow work this moment or yet not? I want make more flyers for accepted.

If that’s the one you want to create then stick with it. Even the biggest authors on here require a fair amount of time to create successful files


Many thanks for your help me :slight_smile: I love it Regards.

hi Jeri are u kidding us or something ? your account was not rejected and besides this looks very unlikely that there is any issue with your account indeed , u just have to deal with quality issues and , if we can notice a true embitterment in what u are doing as of now there is still a long way for you to go before u claim that all your items are very good and that they should be approved …

indeed, as i mentioned they are better … however , did u see how many guys there are in the roster and did u see the kind of works that some authors produce? well i guess not because u would realize how much u still have a long way to go …

u may be frustrated because sone flat things are being accepted daily but the fact of the matter is that this is not your problem and that your items need to be improved …

i have a question, i dedicated some time to help u and what have u been doing of my advice … strangely enough , i almost see the same kind of thing that yu used to do before i help you …

u are right Charlie, too many guys come up here nowadays thinking of this place as a get rich quick or get famous quick place when this is not … all guys have to pay their dues and to prove themselves as being good enough here before they can earn a bit , i guess that this is what some newcomers should keep in mind instead of dreaming too big too quick …

Actually this dude had like 3 or 4 accounts before : ) been like there for 3 years atleast but she/he cant really make progress in anything. (Still dont speak english and minimal increased in quality)