Why my 404 page design Hard Rejected??

Hello Experts :sunglasses:
I am new here, recently i uploaded a error 404 page on web elements, but it hard rejected by envato, what is the cause of that rejection, what i have to do for its acceptableness? Is there need any modification or something else. Hope you guys help me. Thank in advance…
1st Variation: http://i.imgur.com/XpuZgZ1.jpg
2nd Variation : http://i.imgur.com/Ep9wOOE.jpg

Nice concept … the second one needs more work on colors. i like your item :smiley:

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Thanks for your comment :smiley: . OK i will work on color, any other changes that should be done?

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i do not think so, if you want to get simple. otherwise, you can make it more complex by working on 3D style for exp. Get inspired from design blogs. you will discover a lot of magic things! :wink: