Why my 4 flyers was hard rejected?

Very fast reviewer 1 day ago was hard rejected my email and my friend upload your flyer reviewer flyer more 3 days was approved. I think that reviewer not see my file photoshop because I am use placeholder images in the file buyer, I hope you reply me this thank you.

Well i will wake you up, I dont sell my flyers here at a dying marketplace, i sell it a great one and the sales are very good,
And thats your problem, my Fantasia flyer is at a very high quality level but as a very basic copycat you will never see it.
About your flyers, i rest my case, i will never ever give you advice anymore, i will ignore your prayers forever.
You still after 10-12 years of uploading the same items come with the very basic ones.
So i wish you good luck Jeriteam with your minimalistic skills.

well, Jeri, you are indeed breaking most of graphic design rules, as regard to z-lay out, contrast and alignment in particular , so, basically there was not much chance that anything could get approved here when authors who do not fail to take into account these issues have their contents rejected all the same …


you neither good designer sorry so much. That sad you.

Thank you I understand my design is not good quality.

Are you sure Jeri?
Think again.

Sorry Yes, I trust with @n2n44 because he is very good seller flyers and very expert to flyer, I not have trust with you because you not are good designer.

your text is ugly like book older.