why my 2 flyers was hard rejected.


Why my 2 flyers was hard rejected but I am learning better that before but not ready for learning, please feedback my flyers, thank you.

Joi Miner

Joi Miner, 40, is a mother of two beautiful daughters from Montgomery, AL (currently residing in Birmingham, AL). She ​is a full-time author, editor, performance poet, storyteller, sexual assault and domestic violence activist, and entrepreneur, who loves spending time with her family, hosting shows, and listening to good music. She loves writing engaging stories, with plot twists that keep readers on their seats!

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Thank you, I try other flyer.


My first flyer “night party” which is error? please give me comments thank you.

That girl looks like was cleaning the house and now she is tired. Also no concept, no typography, no visual integration.

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Thank you. Try make more better flyer.

Which error typography (colors, letter or what)?

The fonts doesn’t work well together. The title effect is too raw. Colors are out of noware.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I am not sure, I try make other flyer more better.

I wish you good luck with your sales and approved logo’s and actions.