Why most themes and templates look similar ?

I want to build my own template using an open source with MIT license.
When I explore here, most template and theme are very similar each other.
Seemingly, I think this is becasue the authors here are developing their own paid items using same open source based from github.
Despite that, I am curious that if I use same open source and sell similar templates which there are similar stuff in this website, another authors(maybe competitors) would be fine? How do you recognize and be sure that authors here who develop similar templates and themes didn’t copy your stuff and each other ?

Actually most of the serious authors here have built their own frameworks and systems (granted these are often laid out on more common basiscs).

The reason so many feel similar is simply because this is what works as what sells.

There’s been tons of conversation calling for more unique, more creative etc. Files but the simple fact is that these do not sell as well as the bigger and more commonly recognisable styles.

There are numerous more experienced buyers who would like to see less bloated and more functional items but developing for such a big stock marketplace is a unique proposition that:

  • has to appeal to a huge range of buyers,

  • offer enough versailtity to interest different categories

  • even then still have something Weather it’s design or features that makes it stand out.

What you create comes down to you but personally I’d advise quality over quantity and scale everytime.

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I guess there’s only so much variety you can get when it comes to headers, footers, layout, menus, text and images etc.