Why logo rejected quality standard required?

I can not get a logo on me ever, I do not understand what the problem is. Is it a technical quality problem of how files are presented or is it a design quality problem? What do I have to solve?paper_plane

hi there are some very obvious reasons indeed …
-1 the typo is too flat and lacking combinations
-2 the concept is sort of overused and as for i now almost things rocket-related are automatically rejected
-3 there is the name of the company hidden by the “cloud” which basically means that your logo is not technically well executed (use the pathfinder to subtract the clot from the red circle) and then means that your item is just not selling the name of the company and is sort of unuseful for potential buyers

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Hi n2n44, thank you very much for your help, I will take into account all these factors for new logos. Thanks again!

no should start fixing with this one indeed, most of the guy are saying the same , ok i will do for next item and in the end they all come back with another rejected item and keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again … now this is up to u to be just another additional author to do the same …