why it's hard reject


hi this is tasteful and harmonious if u ask me but there are a collection f small thing to say about this design indeed. First of all , despite being in a professional style overall, the thing is that this is generating quite a “deja vu feeling” indeed and that would be great if u could introduce some touches of originality here and there so that your item differs from many other items more or less in the same style … in addition, what us disturbing me a bit here is that there is close to no space for branding at the moment … there is not logo featured and even less being valued there indeed, but , look, this is an essential part, no matter which company may buy this if it had been accepted , they would have had their name valued and remembered by customers or business relationships and in what u have the logo and the name or the company are nowhere to be found , which is a huge incoherence , if u ask me
the typo is clean bu this is also much in keeping with the general style … this is basically still too flat and this is laking touches or originality , something that will make the additional value of your item in the end … i would also recommend u to really have an effort to underline the hierarchy more, since at the moment, u one big title and the rest so to speak, when u should have primary and secondary info and possible graduations inside these categories … hence the need to play with decoration, variations , size and so on

I saw lot of real estate flyer they havr same content , then why approved Their flyer

LOL maybe this is the problem … i give u tips … u are free not to use them but unless u do something, u definitely cannot resubmit and have the item approved , up to u …
i am also quite aware that there are flaws in the system but honestly this is no use pointing out at them unless u want to get into trouble, period … i tell u for your own good, but once again, for this as well, u are definitely free to handle things the way u want …