Why item get rejected if it is better then existing one?

Hello Support,
I have developed one payment gateway using PHP SDK and there API.
I have already developed the same payment gateway for one of my previous two employer and i have uploaded with just payment collection method and it is approved by the codecanyon. That’s good, i have no concern with that.

But i have developed the same payment gateway using latest API and php sdk of that payment gateway, even i have added refund functionality.

Again i have modified the same to add Hosted Payment Solution that is one of the best features now a day.
Again after rejection i have downloaded payment gateway for example and followed the WooCommerce Standard and Codecanyon encapsulation .

Still it is getting rejected.

I am not getting what to do with that?
If the item i am uploading and getting rejected is not of Quality Standard then how those two items of previous employer get approved with less functionality ?

I have no idea what is going in author mind for rejection?
Very frustrated at this level because they direct to rejection rather then soft rejection which is surely better then existing product for sure.

Can anyone please help me out on this.

If there were real human to check the quality standard instead automatic process then it may also get approved. That was not your day. In simple it’s hard luck. I have also faced such hard luck.

same problem , i am confused . what i do