Why it does not meet quaility minimuim required on envoato

I try more than 15 2d Game Backgrounds to submit it to grahpicriver and all saying is not at the quality minimum but i have a lot of experience and take a lot of courses about makeing backgrounds and my artwork very beautiful color no mistakes original, unique can someone have a mind tell me what’s wrong with my project

I don’t particularly like the style you’re showing, it’s not an actual styling for game backgrounds. the color palette is too bright in some places and eats out my eye a little. The stones look as if they are not in the plane you are creating. Layering one color of the texture to another. A complete mess in the compositional plan. Textures go beyond the objects they provide. Sincerely, but this is far from today’s standards at the moment, you can check the latest approved products on GR to guide yourself.

Thank you and have a nice day!

With respect, you still have a long way to go. Maybe you were going for a certain style, but it looks quite amateurish. You can see a lot of copy/pasted objects, which normally you would want to keep that from happening.

For the city, it’s okay to have it abstract, but it needs to have some sort of organization, for example, the windows on the buildings are all over the place, and some are nearly going off the edge of the buildings. The shapes are unappealing and don’t make any sense, which is a common issue throughout each of the images, it looks like you took the pen tool and started randomly clicking around to make shapes, rather than putting much thought into it. The trees in the bottom image look more like amoebas or fractals rather than trees, and the line through the middle looks like a mistake when you combined the two halves. Overall you need a lot more practice in understanding art and design.

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hi i am sorry to say just this as u certainly did your best, but let’s face it , what u have here looks pretty raw indeed. There are a good deal of style and execution issue, the whole thing looking outdated and not completely executed properly as well , a lot of shapes are uneven and look randomly placed , i guess the cityscape is the best example of this as most of the windows are not properly placed and executed until " u cannot buy it", this is not realistic enough and even in the disposition of the different lines of the cityscape this is not coherent and the more u get in the first layer the most visible buildings turn out to be , so , in a nutshell, the shadowy in the middle is just not realistic at all and u should completely in the back not in the middle