Why isn't my theme the same as the demo ?


I just bought the Digeco – Startup Agency WordPress Theme

I uploaded and installed the theme. Installed and activated the plugins. Installed the envato template importer kit. Activated the theme. But it looks nothing like the demo. It doesn’t have any elements in the page besides title and text. No testimonials, no sliders, no nothing.

What’s more I can’t find any docs. You’d think the email sent to me would link to a how-to or docs page but no. I can get busy designing my own layout with the elementor free-version plugin drag and drop facility. But then that kinda defeats the purpose of buying a design off envato.

How do i get the design in the demo ?


PS: before you ask, no i’m not hiring an envato developer. if the theme doesn’t have docs and doesn’t work i’ll just get a refund.

Assuming this is from themeforest and not envato elements then ALL themes have documentation and no WP theme looks like the demo until you install demo content (either via XML or one click in the admin depending on the theme).

Their documentation is also online https://radiustheme.com/demo/wordpress/themes/digeco/docs/