Why isn't Gaze - 4500 Graphics Pack V5 working properly?

Hello there,
I bought Gaze - 4500 Graphics Pack V5 from Envato Market.
I’m using Windows 10 and After Effects version 2022. The product was installed and worked with the AtomX interface. However, there is a problem. When I select an effect, it does not open as a single. At the same time, the entire folder with the effect is opened. Why? When the whole folder is opened, this is in a project file It takes a lot of space. I am using AtomX_3.0.6r55 version. There should be no problem if only the effect itself is turned on. How to fix this problem?
My project is unfinished, I need help urgently.
Can you please help with this?

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Did you managed to fix this? I have the same problem, can’t render anything if i try adding anything with gaze pack