Why is wrong with my themes?

I have a dilema… Why is wrong with my themes?
Please give us your opinions about my themes…


Not a huge amount wrong with those.

What’s the issue for you? You have ok sales given how we the items are and the niche category that you are in.

Some works launched in the same period of my sales have more (10 times more sales).
What may at improving their templates to increase my sales?

Are they also coming soon files?

Demo, Demo, Demo, Demo, Demo

Wow ok - well yours don;t seem any worse than most of those - not sure what to suggest sorry.

They spend money on advertisement, that’s the secret…

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Where i can advertise my items ?

Adwords, fb ads, buysellads

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Your work is very good, no worse than others. I am also a novice. I’m constantly looking for reasons for low sales. Keep on Learning and Improving. :blush::+1: