Why is this not acceptable?

Why is this not acceptable?
Please Help me !

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Hi, @narsuk.

I see quite a lot wrong here. The biggest thing being that it’s very simple and doesn’t seem to offer anything new or premium. It’s just image boxes and text arranged in a standard format.

Some specifics:

  • Images are stretched which you should always avoid, even if they’re just demo images. If you want your item to be perceived as professional, everything in your preview/template needs to be high quality and professionally made, this includes demo content as it represents your item.

  • I’m not sure what this is supposed to be.

  • You should determine a max width for the page content. In some parts, it looks like you did, but in other parts, text and images don’t line up. I tried to highlight that in the image below, showing there are varying spaces along the edge of the page. There are of course times where this is necessary or part of the design, but in this case, it looks like a mistake considering the grid-like design you use everywhere else.

  • For images that will be shown side by side like this, it’s usually better to set a specific size that they all conform to, then maybe have them open up in lightboxes to see the full image. That way it will be much cleaner and uniform.

These are of course just my opinions and are meant to be more of guidelines rather than a step by step tutorial.


Thank you so much @XioxGraphix
Will I be accepted if I fix what I said, or do I have to start over?

That looks right. It should be acceptable.

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No, you’ll have to make a new item. Just remember that you have to do something more than the basics. Your item should offer something new and premium, something that stands out and makes people want to get it.

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Thank you @XioxGraphix @instapostlikes