Why is this not acceptable?

Why is this not acceptable?
Please Help me !


Wy don’t you just share live URL, instead of sharing the video of your site?



Unfortunately it will not be accepted due to a huge lack of quality, a simple advice is that you dedicate yourself to learn more about design.

A place to start https://tutsplus.com/

If the design is not of your interest, I recommend hiring a designer

Good luck with your project



Would you please tell me about the mistakes committed in the project?

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I can not mention an error since it is not something specific, it is about the whole design as a whole

In this sense, what you can do is redesign “everything.” But to redesign this idea you must first learn to design, I hope that was clear enough.

Good luck with your learning


Is the design outdated?
Or are there errors in the design rules?

Yes, definitely both,

To improve the design you need to learn and become a little more familiar with the minimum quality required. And to update yourself and offer something more modern you will need to do a deep investigation of all kinds of combinations and valuable characteristics that give the project uniqueness.


You didn’t tell me anything obvious

Well if you already know, then you just have to get down to work.

good luck with your project :v:


I did not mean that
I meant an answer like this

If you want proper feedback you need to post a link to the demo here - it’s not possible to make recomendations based on a video

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But at the moment I can’t send a link


your already post same forum

Presumably you submitted the item with a working link?

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Yes, but when the site was not accepted I removed the link

You can show your design again please, if you don’t have any job design you don’t can post here forum.

Thank you!

any design?

your design that was hard rejected your item need show here forum because we can help you.

do you understand me?

Sorry for my bad english.

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I made a Twitter video for the design

Thank you

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No need make a video but only image format .jpg or .png.