Why is this not acceptable?

Why is this not acceptable?

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  • Outdated design (font, icons, graphic elements, colors)
  • Bad typography
  • Lack of anything new

thank you
Is there anything else?

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Some suggestions… Pick better font combination. You can look up what free Google fonts work well together. Text on buttons should be centered. Too much red on the screen where the icons are. Either use the same color and make them smaller or use a different color. Make background colors in each section different. Could even be as simple as white background followed by grey background followed by white background, etc. Lines under the various sections not interesting. Also, some are left justified, some centered. Be consistent. The template needs a footer. Good luck!!


Hello @narsuk

Error your design:

  • spacing

  • colors (I not like red dark)

  • typography

  • Basic design but you need redesign style more beautiful as professional for good sales.

I am agree with @lynnsmir say that button need centered text.

Good Luck.



Thank you so much

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Thank you so much,