Why is there so much lags in the site?

Hi guys!

Sorry for my bad english.

When I am looking for audios or videos there are so much lags. After 2-3 seconds of listening, the audio or video freeze and I have to refresh the page.

I am with with Google Chrome. When using Edge it is less laggy but still difficult.

To be more clear, this is what I mean :

Thank you in advance!

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agreed, this is constant and it makes me take HOURS to go through music.

I’ve seen this pointed out quite a few times, but I can never seen to replicate it myself. I just listened to every song for 10-15 seconds each before I paused them myself on 3 different pages. No buffering, no delay, it’s always instant for me.

I wonder what could be causing this issue that you and so many other people are having.

I tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Same here. We have high speed Internet and scrubbing through songs on here is painful. For as much as this costs, I expect better servers. I dunno who XioxGraphix is, but he’s full of it.

Didn’t have this kind of issue.
Maybe we should check this at the same time to find out, is it a server problem?