Why is there no ultra-minimalist themes?

You can call your themes “ultra minimalist” all you want. Having large pictures, more colors than just black & white, and a ton of HTML5/Javascript built into your theme is NOT minimal.

There used to be a TON of actual minimalist themes. Everything now has a huge header, and is based around commerce, even if you want something for a portfolio or photography. What changed?

It is just playing to the stock marketpalce mentlaity and providing versatility and options to maximise appeal.

If you dont want some aspects just remove them and keep the parts you want to use


I have some items which you may use for Portfolio or Photography and which are “minimalist” (I think they are but maybe not “ultra”).

Some HTML templates:

There are some more, you can check them if you like our style.

Have a nice weekend!

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I actually checked out Opta, that’s a really nice & basic template. I’d have to hire someone to install this though. Any chance it’ll be released as a Wordpress theme also?

You can hire someone from Envato studio.

because they don’t get approved, lol