Why is there no link to music used in after effects video templates?

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I signed up to Envato Elements and after downloading 4 video templates I realized that not only the songs are not included. Which I can understand, but there is not even the link of the song used in the template in any of them. All video templates were including a video explanation but non were even mentioning the name of the track.

A good reason to have these templates is to save time sync the image and sound and I’m really disappointed to see non were included. Have I missed something? Is there a way to find the associated track of a video templates?

Like many others I could read the comments, I was lead to believe Envato elements were providing you access to Envato Market.

It is really confusing as you are putting the $16.50/month even on Envato Market page.

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Yes the advertisement banner is very misleading for customers, hopefully Envato will start taking their customers seriously and fix this.

Unfortunately the lack of music credits in Elements is a problem Envato has not prioritised to fix yet. It is very unfortunate both for customers and music authors.

As of now, your best bet is to copy the author name of the video and paste it in videohive.net. There you will hopefully find the same item as in Elements but with a credit of the music author (in most cases).

Good luck!

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Thank you for your recommendation!