Why is there little to offer for us FCPX'ers, why?

As a FCPX video editor, if you don’t use AF, there’s very little to offer me within this app. Also, within the video templates, one will be hard-pressed to find a template to use in FCPX 10.14. When I do find one that doesn’t say for AF, Motion or some other app, I’ll be holding my breath hoping that it’s FCP capable, because (in many cases) it does not state it until you’re prepared to download. Signed so far very disappointed!!!

Most of the Apple Motion templates work in FCPX. But here in videohive the version is not mentioned properly. But if you read the description the version info is added there mostly. If you have Apple Motion as well as FCPX installed you can get all the motion files inside FCPX as generators. But the customization capabilities of each item will be different based on authors. For example almost all our templates work in latest version of FCPX and we add the possibility of changing the text and videos inside the FCPX itself.