Why is there always problem with sales!

Hello friends,
Is this drop in sales of GR going to be persistent?
Even when your folio has good items and that you have also marketed them.
Also 16 days for review!! Cmon plz do something envato.


hi Brij, unfortunately this will be persistent indeed, the fact of the matter is that usa and other major countries are still facing a whole lot of trouble with handling covid19, hence the activity globally being really low and sales definitely the “shadow” of what used to be a few months ago … many events are cancelled, lots that would have taken place cannot be held. as for people doing something … they have been focusing on their new certification rather than any other thing. When it comes to the waiting time, this is definitely too huge and , actually , they have been dealing with this issue by trying to close the upload rights of lots of people who had a lot of rejections but honestly , this is not really getting any better and the queuing time is over 16 days as for i know since my item is queued for this long and still has to be reviewed …


Yeah. After 16 long day a good item of mine rejected. They can approve similar with slight variation items by other authors … ridiculous!!


originality does not always pay off and the thing that is sad is having to wait for so long and to have the item rejected and thus not to be able to have some exposure from newly accepted flyers …


In my personal experience, I’ve actually had an increase of sales since Covid started, and I recently had an item accepted after only 9 days.

Say hello to Elements :slight_smile:

Yeah … LOL

for me this a 100$ drop / week … and i assume that i gr there are more people like me than like u, unfortunately …

Even for me it’s 80-90% drop in sales what I used to earn here, even when items are good.
I can see customers are buying summer party flyers, etc. but what about mine which were made with so effort??
Users buy when they are fresh, later they don’t see or what!!!

part of the drop is logical as explained by the reduced or stopped activity of a lot of customers … this is also leaving the whole of us even more subject to search engines things as the less potential buyers there are , the less this is easy to get sales , especially if u are not being seen in the first 2-3 page of results …

Hi friends,

We also faced drop in sales.
However now we managed to survive after being non exclusive author, and selling in multiple platforms. Hope this helps.


lol this maybe a good option, depending on what u sell and how, but this is worth considering case by case as regard to your potential to sell somewhere else - if sell such things as fonts, add-ons, styles or whatever kind of thing like this - and the subsequent money that maybe lost again through the shift … this looks , in most cases , more likely to be better for print template makers to stick to exclusive status