Why is the number of sales so different?

I analyzed one, a certain category of wordpress themes. And I do not understand the reasons for such a divergence in sales. I looked up all the themes that were published a month ago and some of them have 100 sales, others 10, the rest 1-5 sales. Yes, of course, they all have different design, but each theme with a good design.

And I would like to ask your expert opinion: why is this happening? After all, the reason for this is a certain “factor” and it would be nice to understand it: demonstrations, creative(uncreative) a description or something else? Why such a difference in sales?

It is important to add: in the end, the key factor: support, functions, design. But I mean sales in the early stages (in the first days, weeks)

Different authors market their items in different ways. Some depend only on Envato Market traffic other use social networks or google ads to boost their sales.

Some authors buy their own items to give the impression the item is something special (which by the way can get you banned from the network).

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@Stachethemes Yes, it can increase the number of sales, but 10% increase is a possible maximum. Can not using the social network to come 90 people, all of whom will buy the theme. If the difference was as follows: 80 vs100. But everything is completely different: 10vs100.

Author can’t buy 50 of own themes. Anyway, that’s silly.

It increases sales, but it doesn’t create a huge gap. I am convinced that the possible cause of low / high sales is completely different.

Discounts. Some authors are giving WP theme for $19 for first 100 customers and so on. You’ll see an author that is always offering his new theme/s at $13 for first 20 customers.