Why is the item approved in codecanyon not approved in themeforest?

I accidentally posted my item on codecanyon platform. There it was approved and published. However, when I noticed my error and submitted it to themeforest, it was rejected.
I wonder, why an item that meets the requirements for codecanyon does not meet the themeforest? Have a different point of view between different platforms from the same company? Can you help me understand what do i need to improve to get this item accepted? What do you think about quality? Thank you

Codecanyon link:

Demo link:

You are not allowed to submit same item on different marketplaces as themeforest, codecanyon. Your item already approved on codecanyon and you submitted that item again in themeforest.

At first Author should to know how market work. codecanyon especially important for coding also in codecanyon you will be able to submit server side language coding product. If you see in codecanyon category you will find: php script, javascript, css, wordpress, mobile, html5 … etc.
where themeforest especially important for design where you can design html template, wordpress theme, another cms/mvc/framework theme, emarketting template. …etc. In themeforest for getting approve you have to provide unique aesthetics design with best UI and have to put premium design.

Thank you for the information. I already know that. I’ve accidentally uploaded my item to codecanyon because different platforms are open in my browser. in this case, does removing my item from codecanyon help me get accepted into themeforest? and, of course, taking into account the other issues you said.

As codecanyon and themeforest has different quality standard and different review process, there is no gurantee about it.
Another good thing you can contact Envato Author support and tell them full details about your mistake and request for their suggestions and how they can help you.

I have already contacted Envato support. Thank you for your kind reply. Good Work

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