Why is the character pack approved, but the individual characters themselves are disapproved?

Hello there! :smiley: I need help with this issue please:
A few hours ago it was approved my Halloween character set titled “Monster Pack”, however the characters posted individually were rejected. The reasons cited in the email are “isn’t at the quality standard required” and “your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to”
My question is: why are characters with the same technical quality (identical files) approved as a group but rejected individually?

Thank you! Cheers!

please upload your image preview because we can help u…

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“Monster Pack” by MatiasMolusko

Hello! Thanks for your quick response. Post screenshots includes every single character. Greetings!


Your art work is amazing, i liked your style so much.
maybe the reviewer is different for the individual characters! i think it’s just a personal opinion which differ from reviewer to another.

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almost certainly simply a question of value from one .v. have a set of them

Your characters draw is very good and I think that you don’t need update designs :slight_smile:

Good Luck with sales.


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Hi Jeri! thanks for the compliment! :blush: :+1: ok, in addition to the complete pack I am interested in selling individual characters, as some customers may not be interested in buying the 16 character pack, but yes, a particular character. Regards!

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Hi Charlie, thanks for the reply!