why is that? hard rejection!!!

My theme has been rejected 5 times

I do not understand the reason, good quality and have every feature.

did they examine the theme? I am not sure. because they didn’t even comment, they were rejected hard

please see my theme

Do you have an idea why it was rejected?

link to the theme preview:

Link doesn’t work

What browser do you use?

it is working now

Chrome on laptop and safari on mobile and iPad (in UK) all times out

If you are using a plug-in you may be trying to please try again, the link is working.


You have many problems on all sides, it seems an unfinished job.

You have to continue working a lot in the visual hierarchy, typographical hierarchy, color palette, spacing, alignment separation. you need to learn to improve the quality of work, remember that quality standards are constantly increasing, so it is necessary to be able to adapt.

You have problems in the load it takes a long time to load, you have to adjust your servers

Keep working and you will get good results


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I agree with @TexTheme the fundamentals (esp. typography and hierachy) need attention and there are lots of little thigns like non-fucntional liks etc. that make it feel very unfinished

your blog was hard rejected because as say @TexTheme you have problem visual hierachy, typography, error colors palette, spacing etc but you need practice more for themeforest approved.


thank you very much for your answers

Yes, I’ve been so focused on coding that I can’t understand that the design is so bad.

I need to find a bad designer in my design knowledge.

I have one more question.

site opening speed is slow, quality hosting and tools are needed to accelerate the site.

Do you have any suggestions?

an article that will guide me

There are also 6 demo as you can see.

I use the wordpres multisite feature to display these demos

I’m uploading each demo by opening different networks via wordpress.

I’m doing right or wrong? I do not know

other theme authors are using which method to exhibit more than one theme. ( only wordpress themes)

Is there an article that will be a suggestion and guide for it?

Thank you very much for your answers