why is not here a help center with operator???why when i need help i dont find a way someone to help me?you take money and stay hide???how is that??

why you dont have a help center??after i pay you …you tahe money and stay hided???i need to talk with a person who live from our money.this is second time when i find here disgust.
last time you rub from me from my card money without my accept.when i ask money back…you give me back and close my account)))bravo.nou i want again money back because i pay you and now i cant sell on video hive.if you not give me back money or let me sell on videohive…this time i not ask you .i will pay a lawyer to open all problems from envato …after you take money from who now how many people.you need to pay back all and to answer why you priks are just thiesfs there.

You certainly do not need to pay envato to sell items on Videohive. I’d suggest that you contact Envato Market Help and Support using this link. They would be the right people to look into or help with your situation.

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i pay allready …infact i subscribe for a month but i was tricked maybe like many other with low price writed big and the period writed small)))this is how envato "help"own clients))after that i get rubbed for 4 months witout my consence from my credit card.when i ask money back because i was tricked…give me back one month and close my account))maybe they dont like to be descover as thiefs.now after that…after i was triked and rubbed…i pay 4 month for nothin because i cant sell on videohive motion grafic elements.5 monts for nothing???they spend my money and i rest with…what???maybe is time to pay a lawyer isted to pay here.what you say about this situation with this envato .i loose time and i get angry because i get this from this site where i come with trust.maybe will close again my account because i ask this incomode things.will see.next time a lawyer will make this .not me

and what is this???what do this??what is this???what is the point of this???

i will pay a lawyer.i have all this recored.

The subscription.
This is envato elements. So the support team you need to talk to are here: Envato Elements Help and Support

FYI - subscriptions continue until otherwise canceled, and items previously downloaded will no longer be available.

Selling items on Videohive.

There is no need to pay to submit items for sale, however, items must meet the sufficient quality standards to be approved to go on sale.

FYI - to sell on envato elements rather than Videohive requires authors to be invited. This is unlikely to happen for an author with no current sales on the main marketplaces.

This is a general forum where we are unable to view details of individual users’ accounts. If you would like more information or clarity on your issues, then please follow the links provided above to speak to envato’s official support team who have the necessary details.