Why is my presentation item always rejected?

I’m newbie here and I hope for your help!

hi pls do not take this personally but Indeed, I see a battery of big time trouble issues here … let’s get started
1- global style
actually I guess u probably fail to identify this , but if u ever get in a style which is not addressing a good deal of people, but rather a very narrow niche, as u do with this quite flashy combination of colors, which such a type of item, there will sort of a restricted use and more limited targeted purchasing base , see next point
2- low commercial potential
I started evoking this in the previous point but this is not only due to the global style and colors in particular, but also to a combination of things that I am going to discuss with below … anyway , if an item has an already identified rather low potential, I guess u will easily understand that this is hard for the reviewers to let it go for sale … besides , there is a point about who is targeted with this item, most of presentations turn out to be mainly addressed to corporations and businesses and for the great majority of them they will rather be looking for a more corporate style indeed, clean and professional but not necessarily overly creative and “artistic” , which means with less flashy colors, more “disciplined” slide structure and a cleaner organization of the whole space and so on and so forth
3- organization
apart from not being really overly creative, the global organization is a bit too messy to serve the purpose of such a presentation item. Organization for such an item must be flawless and really professional all the way. Besides, how could u “sell a presentation” to some people without being able to make your own presentation look really efficient , well arranged, and dealing with alignment, spacing , contrast appropriately?
4- alignment / flagging
the combination of both makes the design look strange and make it look less professional that it should be , as if there were problems as far as aligning items goes … let me remind u off the fact that alignment is not something to mess with since this is a basic design principle , actually … as example, pls see the way the main logo is being placed in the canvas and according to other elements … why positioning the thing like this BTW?
5- spacing
lot of elements are not being placed properly , there are some varying spaces from one thing to the other and same goes from one slide to the other , when, actually, u should have a global coherence and lots of things should be positioned the same way , especially if information from the same level, which is not what happens here indeed. Another thing u should be considering this is the way some of the pictures are places right next to each other having varying gaps between picture 1 and 2 , and 2 and 3 for instance
6- contrast
this is sad u are shooting a bullet in your own foot so to speak, out of failing to give texts or elements sufficient contrast from the background - through decoration, colors or whatever else - so that there are seen properly and given the right impact and exposure. In addition, to be honest this is pretty bad a move to mess with this basic design principle in particular , as u get into a good deal of other troubles in a snowball effect, not only about readability , exposure and also when it comes to hierarchy as well
7- readability
needless to say that when contrast is not high enough or definitely too very small just like what u have here , well readability gets close to 0 and the efficiency of such a presentation reduces dramatically in the process, too
8- hierarchy
due to color choices and others , well some elements meant to be springing out and to get noticed at first glance are not and this brings some issues to the table as far as the hierarchy of information goes …
9- z-shape reading and coherence
the positioning of some items is not done properly right now, any document is being ruled according to a principle directly linked to the way the eyes are sweeping across any document, that I usually call “z-shape reading process” which not only determines the way eyes are being collecting the info and in which order , but also which determines the impact zone for the most essential elements to be …(logo in particular). The slide with the logo is a good example of mishandling about it , so to speak …
10- background
for me there is too little work in the background , this flattens the whole off what u have been creating otherwise , in the end …

well for me u are going from one extreme to the other between the first template and the second one … between a very highly colorful thing where u could not really control the effects of such use of colors and this templates which is definitely really tasteless and rather dull if u ask me …
1- global style
according to me there is not much creativity into this , all looks pretty flat , dull mainly because of the colors u used, but not only. If u ask me there is no real additional value being given here and I do not see anything here making peopole feel like buying to save time or buying so that they can offer something with a really better graphic design tenure than what they could have done by themselves …
see point 2
2- low commercial potential
as I started to explain just above, conditions for people to have a raising interest in the concerned item are not really here and this decreases a good deal the potential interest that people may have to buy this presentation , so why accepting such a file for the reviewer in the first place ?
3- lack of harmony of colors
to be honest color combinations are simply just not working, if I were u , I would rather try to use safer choices, such as complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same color, normally they have everything under control safe from negative effects so to speak. Here some of the concerned choices have to deal with contrast and so on, pls read the next points
4- contrast
pls refer to what I mentioned for the other template, all the mentioned problems that I refered to actually apply here with the same consequences in the end …
5- readability
a direct consequence of the choice of colors and the lack of contrast is obviously a very negative impact on readability, some texts can hardly be seen or read , this is just this simple. So what is the use to have such an item is detail can be read ?
6- hierarchy of information
once again, u have , by using the wrong colors and sometimes in particular in the wrong place , some very negative consequences as far as the hierarchy goes. Most of the titles do not pop out more. Some turn out to be not really more easily seen than some of the secondary information in the end …
7- alignment
another basic design principle is broken here when u have such things as blacken the sideway not being aligned vertically on the canvas and that , in addition , the text elements are not being aligned with it as well … pls keep in mind that this is a template, and that u have to make sure that all is completely arranged professionally all the way and that u are free to adapt contents in order to do so … like in slides 4 and 5 …
8- lack of breathing
some elements are really too close from margins and this prevents the concerned elements to be given the proper attention and impact , not to mention the choking effect generated is sometimes counter balanced by a varying occupation of space , globally
9- disharmony in the use of space
the elements are often very unevenly placed from one area to another and u can have some slides definitely too busy, choking and every thing contrasting gamely with some way emptier slides or areas of a slide , as well , depending on situations …
10- coherence
there is a disconnection between the typo part , the global style and the pictures that u used until we wander what is the guideline to determine the harmony of the whole document indeed
11- colors
hey using this black colors coming out of the blue and failing to contrast with the blue of the background soi that u ultimately run into trouble?
12- typo
this is super flat and not really inspired as far as typo goes, this far … the result is not particularly aesthetic and there is a global lack of relief, due to the lack of variations, font combinations and some possible touches of originality in the meanwhile, too

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Besides of countless design issues your colors hurts my eyes! Imagine these colors on a big screen or projection.

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