Why is my presentation item always rejected? please give me a feedback and suggestions please

I’m newbie here and I hope for your help!

hi u should one by one otherwise this is difficult to get into details one by one …
this pushes us to regroup by themes, which is not accurate or to summarize much more one by one …
what disturbs me the most is that i have a lot of trouble to identify what is the guideline is what u have … whether the is terms of colors, theme, or whatever , this is gard to get to know if u ask me and this is a problem as this maybe confusing as regard to “your target”
there are some issues with alignment here and there , of disposition of item and of spacing too
the typo part does not seem to be at the expected level for here , where expectations are pretty high and where typo is without the shadow of a doubt the main concern … more variations, font combinations and touches of originality would be expected and would be a great additional value for sure
also beware of contrast this is a basic design principles and some of your texts can hardly be seen or read because because u are violating this principle sometimes

for me the main point is that the style and slides are rather simple to say te least until, in the end, u have an issue of commercial potential … i am not sure that it would be worth the drive for people to buy something that is rather easy and not too long to reproduce like what u have here … not to mention that , in addition, what u have here is not perfect , as u still have contrast issues and texts not only not popping out and sometimes being close to unreadable … besides, in addition, u face with this problem with some text are not even secondary elements only which bring u , in a snowball effect , to deal hierarchy issues and thus information identification problems, too . I would also recommend that u choose between circular or wavy shapes in one one side or more squared rectangular ones in the other side, as mixing both in not a good idea to generate harmony … the sam things that i mentioned for typo also applies this one …

hard to get into a detailed analysis as this is only the presentation file that we have … though , the fact of the matter is that , even judging by the small things, color combinations look rather strange …u should think about complementary colors, shades of the same colors or theme colors and thus same goes with the presentations … (sorry for the joke but with such colors this is better to put sunglasses on before having a look at the design lol kidding no offense, what i mean is that this is rather aggressive a combination for eyes …). Once again i feel the same about the typo , too. and it seems obviously to me from where i sit that there is no outstanding element enough and the the hierarchy of information is not clear and progressive enough

for me this is the most interesting one as the more worked out one, the more unique one of the ones u showed , too but u have a good deal of issues to deal with … globally once again, there are still issues as regard to a rather flat hierarchy of information and a rather too simple typo in a genera way where introducing combinations and touches of originality would be welcome
u have issues or readability and contrast due to the positioning of texts above pictures that are making texts more difficult to spring out and to be read … some spicing here and there are wrong and same goes with the positioning of some texts , like in “our core team” slide which is emphasizing this really well … the text is tool close from the upper edge, this is not breathing and the spacing between elements in not the proper one (the footer text is to any better though) … the choice of pictures can be discussed too, especially in the “core team” slide where pictures really look in too different styles from one to the other …

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@n2n44 Thank you very much in advance for the correction for my presentation. :blush: :blush: I will correct about the correct color selection and letter combination.

Sorry, before I asked, How do you determine the right color and letter combinations?

I am very happy and very helpful. Thank you very much. :star_struck: :star_struck:


hi for font combinations u can either inspire from things u have seen or this is for u to test with the font at your disposals, just test combinations … for colors , this is not difficult make a quick google search about theme colors and complementary colors, all will be explained in details :slight_smile:

Yes, we will immediately correct it. And now more looking for inspiration via the internet. Thanks again :blush: