Why is my plugin being rejected again and again?

I have created a plugin for vertical and horizontal tabs with custom styling and custom fields, but it has been rejected for the third time due to quality reasons. Can anyone help me understand what the issue might be? Here is a demo of the plugin: Custom Tabs - Transmyt Marketing.
Here are the backend screenshots.

Demo is not brilliantly executed in terms of image sizes/quality, typography etc

Bigger issue is there are lots of similar items for free or as part of builders like Elementor etc

Thank you for your feedback. While it’s true that there are similar functionalities available in builders like Elementor, it’s important to note that our plugin offers unique advantages. Unlike Elementor, where additional CSS work may be required to achieve custom styling, our plugin comes with pre-built styling options, saving you time and effort. Additionally, our plugin allows for more flexibility in tab creation by offering custom fields beyond just title and content. This enables you to tailor the tabs to your specific needs with ease.

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I think you should choose another function for development.
Because, The tab function has been many in Envato