Why is my item no longer trending?

I received a trending badge for one of my items. Unfortunately the trending marker disappeared after about one week. The badge is still on my profile, but you can not find my item in trending items anymore. Why did it happen?

I’m not exactly sure what makes an item trending, but I think it mainly has to do with traffic and comments. Trending is only temporary, though.

If you’re getting a large number of views and/or comments you’ll probably get the trending badge, but it will disappear once the criteria decrease below the trending threshold.

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Yes. It’s very simple. Your item is no longer in a trend. So the marker disappeared. And the marker on your profile page says that this author had an item that was a trending

Ok, now I understand! I thought it can be, because I made some changes uploading more preview images, and hmm… broke something :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: