Why is my invoice hard rejected?

Hey Guys! Can you please help me out to figure out why my invoice has been hard rejected. I have created other stuffs in the past and they were accepted. After a long gap, I finally submitted again and I believe I have grown in the past years in many ways but I need a little help here. I can’t figure out the reason why my project has been hard rejected.

There’s a lot going on here and in such a crowded category originality and flawless design is critical and with respect, there are numerous issues in the typography, alignment, spacing etc.

hi I am sorry but u kept in the middle of the ways do to speak … the fact of the matter is that some parts of your design are lacking refinement, look basically too bulky , apart form not bringing anything really new to the table in the meanwhile, I think that u should forget about big plain color blocks, they are considerably making the quality of your item decrease … the space dedicated to the QR codes very limited until you wander what is the point have it … not to mention that this size and disposition ultimately makes u end up breaking a basic design principle, ie: alignement…