Why is my flyer hard rejected in Graphicriver?

The design in not at all premium and the execution is weak in terms of typography, alignment, hierarchy etc.

@DesignSomething thoughts?

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@charlie4282 is right. You have all the beginner mistakes in one flyer.

Give me some tips, please?

It’s impossible to give advice that requires rethinking an entire principal of design

It’s not about tweaking certain bits - it’s about the approach to designing and the influence that has throughout the entire thing.

Things like hierarchy, spacing and typography all need completely rethinking, but with respect if you were ready to be submitting here then you would not make mistakes in these fundamental elements.

Aside from that this is such a competitive category, that anything new needs to have a focus on modern and unique design concepts to.o.

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You need best typography, colors, spacing, alignment, hierachy, etc you need learning more about design good quality for approved.

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you can see other design for inspirations… but not copy other design.

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I also my flyer not good design because my error working very fast time for so was hard rejected. I also need practice more about my flyer.

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