Why is my design rejected?

I haven’t uploaded this design to GraphicRiver yet. What do you say is wrong in this design?

If you could show me a bit through a demo file, I could very well create a valid file if one knows how to create a thumbnail or preview image.

Because I think something is going wrong with my main file or somewhere else by preparing the file, please help me please someone help me with valid demo file

Please contact me with my Gmail
Please help me

I have been designing for a long time

Thank you

There’s design basics issues esp with typography, margins, spacing, and hierarchy.

The content of the black box in particular needs work

Please, Sir, give me an approved Design file.
I promise you that I don’t any mistakes.
And I will not harm you

You don’t need an approved file - you can see the standards by looking through GraphicRiver.

With respect, there are a number of design flaws here and in arguably the most competitive category in the marketplace, designs need to be pixel-perfect.

@DesignSomething can provide more feedback

Your design is totally off nowadays design standards.
You are very beginner and I can see that you don’t know the principles of graphic design.
Your design has far too many basic mistakes in order to be approved.

  1. Your flyer doesn’t have any concept
  2. Typography is by far most important part in a layout and yours looks very amateurish
  3. Hierarchy is wrong. Many of your typos looks negligent
  4. Pay attention to spacing an alignments
  5. That graphic element looks random and doesn’t support the flyer in any way

Your approach is wrong. You won’t learn anything if someone gives you a flyer.

The reason for your hard reject is the quality of the design.

What you don’t understand is that to become a graphic designer you have to learn the basics of graphic design. That means you need to spend few months up to an year learning and practicing.

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Please Give me feedback.