Why is my design rejected? please someone suggest me.

hi this is rather cool and i rather like it but if i like the harmony of colors, the originality in the combination of elements , brushed heart and petals , to be honest u also have different issues to take into account so that your item ban be improved and makes it for sale …

1- misbalance
actually u have way lighter upper part and a real crammed footer where there is no breathing and the same problem can be seen between the central axis , very busy and the sideways of the mid section which is very light … u indeed do not need to put so many pieces of information in the footer …, try to make it lighter. Hard to identify why the date is so very isolated next to the left edge like this , not to mention that the date is not integrating very properly in the petal

2- spacing
mainly due to the introduction of the logo indeed, u have an issue of spacing in the footer not to mention that this is a bit the same between header, central hearts and footer …

3- imbrication
the main title is losing impact out of failing to imbricate all elements, this would have been better to find a way to integrate party with the rest or to find another formula not using it indeed …

4- typo
if there is harmony in a general way indeed party is not matching and failing to create a transition between the two very different font styles that u have in the title and most information

5- misspelling
this is a detail but u have “avenue” being misspelled this would be better without it indeed

possible solution , maybe u should take ou “party” and put valentines and day in the same big heart and introduce the date in the smaller heart (u will need to move it a bit for this!)