Why is my comment deleted?

Every time a comment is deleted it’s not fair
I am free to comment, the element is not good
I’m making a comment so that people who want to buy know to be wary of this item
If the site policy is like this
This is not fair
(removed item link according to forum TOS)

Hi @Sayeghabd,

if you have any bad experience with the item then you have options to make a discussion with the item author. If the discussion not helpful and the issue not solved then you have options to post a Comments in the item Comments page and also you can provide a rating (review) for the item and I can see you already rated the item.

But sorry! to say in the forum we have some strict rules. as like:
Please do not call out items, users or staff on the forums. As per our Community Guidelines

Also you can open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

Hope you understand.


But the comment will be deleted the next day
Does this file work on your site?
And he deletes the comments he wants
This is no exception

Yesterday I wrote a comment and now it has been deleted
And today I put a comment for the item
I will not shut up about my right

Author have no right no delete any comment, only envato support team can do it. so, please get in touch with envato support and they will assist you. Thanks