Why is my box mockup rejected?

I spend a lot of time creating a mockup but they are rejected I don’t know why.
could anyone here to tell me the solution thank you!

Easily found online for free - you need to bring more premium options or difference


You spend allot of times for what? This is a simple box which can be done in minutes. Also the perspective is wrong.



hi i am sorry but this is not a real mockup … there is no scenery here … no background , no elements, no shadowing … just a simple box on on top a background with an abstracts shape on top of it …

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Hi, i put shadow and some effects and also design 15 cavers with my brush set witch i also create!

This is the workflow for a mock-up. https://www.youtube.com/c/MockupArt/videos

You are far away from being accepted here. You need to learn more.

hi i am sorry to tell u just that as i guess that u tried to do your best , but honestly the shadow does not look super realistic , i recommend that u go o visit Nemanja Sekulic youtube channel, he has a special video where he explains about the different kind of shadows and shows u that normally u have more than one type (which is an essential information fr a mockup template, indeed) … contextual shadows and so on … anyway , see by yourself , this is worth the drive, this man is a huge creator and great teacher as well , which is not true for all graphic design sharks indeed.
Otherwise, let’s be honest , the help file that u made may have an interest to detail how to use the item but if u present is this way , u are almost sure that no one will ever go through the whole explanation. This is suppppeeeerrrr crammed, there is not breathing and thus this is hard to read and to focus on, pls keep in mind that any preview file that u are making turns out to be sort of an interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential buyers in the other side , so making something cleanly organized, appealingly presented is definitely required