Why is my box mockup rejected?

I spend a lot of time creating a mockup but they are rejected I don’t know why.
could anyone here to tell me the solution thank you!

Easily found online for free - you need to bring more premium options or difference


You spend allot of times for what? This is a simple box which can be done in minutes. Also the perspective is wrong.



hi i am sorry but this is not a real mockup … there is no scenery here … no background , no elements, no shadowing … just a simple box on on top a background with an abstracts shape on top of it …

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Hi, i put shadow and some effects and also design 15 cavers with my brush set witch i also create!

This is the workflow for a mock-up. https://www.youtube.com/c/MockupArt/videos

You are far away from being accepted here. You need to learn more.