Why Is Mobile Navigation Showing Up On Desktop..?

Hi Everyone,

I am a fairly skilled content writer, but my developer skills are pretty weak. My client, is seeing their website at http://blindmagic.net/ with a mobile navigation on the desktop.
Here at my office, I see the navigation as standard.

Has anyone else had a similar issue or have any idea why (or how) this could be happening…?

Let me know if you need any more details, thank you!

Here is what they see:

Here is what I see:

they have a smaller screen resolution maybe. ask them what scree size is theirs?

I will do that, how would that effect their view?

These things are not my area of expertise. My developer has become unreliable, so I cannot count on him to help me anymore.

How can they change that?

that menu starts showing from down 1140px screen size(try resizing your browser), it is related to media queries and need some simple alteration in css. you can do it on your own or ask someone from envato studio freelancers to do the job.

There is no way I could do that on my own…not with my current knowledge of the systems.

I do not even know how to tell them how to resize their browsers.


CLick the above link and find if you can afford anyone’s services.
This problem comes under CSS corrections

Does anyone else have any input as to how I can tell my client to fix their browser?

I am not really interested in hiring anyone for this…unless it is absolutely necessary.

Has anyone heard that this is a bug in Windows 10?