Why is item page image quality so poor on Envato Market now?

It seems that images on Envato Market item pages are now being over-optimised with lossy compression, resulting in very poor image quality.

For example, take a look at the main image for my WordPress plugin:
[link removed]

Notice how all of the text and imagery is blurry around the edges? Just a few weeks ago this was not the case. Many item images look just as bad or worse. Small text is nearly illegible on some images.

I’d really like to understand the thought process here. Do the pros really outweigh the cons, making marketing/sale pages less appealing to save a few bytes on traffic?

Hey! I’ve noticed the same thing, happened recently.

My guess is that we’re moving towards the new preview image resolution standards and this just makes us one step closer. :beers:

I was going to create a thread on this issue yesterday!
It’s not only here and in Envato Elements too, the quality of the photos is very poor, I was confused when I saw this, we hope the team will answer soon!

I guess this has been fixed? Image quality still isn’t perfect, but it looks a lot better than it did.