Why is it that I can’t get help since I purchase theme


Why is it that I can’t get help since I purchase the super-shop-market-store theme
Who is the author of that theme?
When someone purchases the software you quickly grab the money from the bank but providing support is a battle thanks

Depending what you need support for the author and their support info is on the item page Support for Super Shop - Market Store RTL Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Do you know requesting support more than a thousand times and no one ever bothered to reply to you?
You be like, You have just requested a dustbin to give you back the sandwich, this is so annoying, my issue is in that screenshot below

It’s impossible to comment on an authors support but at a guess I’d check your versions of WP, the theme and hosting php are up to date and see if there is a logo setting in the theme options which may be over ruling the general customer settings where this screenshot is from

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